2017 Tournament Indoor Association Ch2 Ind. A class GOLD MEDALIST
2016 Tournament Indoor Association Ch2 Ind. A class GOLD MEDALIST
2016 All Chapter Ind. A class SILVER MEDALIST

WGI Pittsburgh & W Long Branch-East Coast Championship FINALIST

THE GUARD, Sr Colorguard
2017 Senior Class Ch2 & All Chapter CHAMPION
2016 Senior Class All chapter SILVER MEDALIST
1996-2016 TIA Chapter 2 SR Class CHAMPION
1996-2015 All Chapter 20 Consecutive Undefeated Years"

The Classics Organization is made up of independent color guards located in Allentown, PA.  
We are members of
Tournament Indoor Association's Ch2  & Winter Guard International  performing in eastern PA and the surrounding region.  We have competing class units for multiple member ages.  We offer talented well organized involved staffs that teach and train our members how to enhance and perform to the best of their ability.  Successful fundraising opportunities are available for our members allowing many to raise 100% or more of their financial requirements for the season.

We are a growing community of friends and family teaching & learning how to apply experiences in and out of the competition arena, creating mature talented individuals.  Most have continued as instructors for successful groups throughout the surrounding region.  A highly successful program that has produced many award winning color guard performances at multiple levels.

Please consider helping
Hi friends, family and alumni of the Classics!
We need a new trailer to transport our floors, equipment and props to shows.  The trailer we've been using for the last 20 years has made it's last trip and is beyond repair.  In order to purchase a new trailer that will be durable and reliable, we will need approximately $4,000.  Any funds that we raise that are above and beyond  the actual cost of the trailer will be used to defray any travel costs we would incur for championships in Wildwood.

I know money is tight for everyone these days...especially for the high school and college age kids that are current members of the Classics and asking them to cover this unexpected cost is not fair to them.  Every little bit helps and I ask you all to consider giving what you can to help out the organization that has given so much to you, your friends or members of your family.

The need for the new trailer is immediate and it will be purchased with personal funds but we will be seeking donations until we meet the cost of the trailer or such time as we determine we will not raise additional funds.

I thank you all so much for past, current and future support of the Classics and I hope you will all consider donating to our cause!

Steve Vincent,
Director, Classics Color Guards
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