The Classics will be inactive for the 2021 season, due to a number of reasons related to the pandemic. This is a difficult announcement to make for a program with so much history, but we felt it was the most responsible decision for all involved. We hope that one day we can return to a sense of normalcy in this activity that has been such a big part of our lives.  Stay well

The Classics would like to thank all of our friends, family, alumni & supporters for "Standing by us" through 2020 although brief during our 35th Anniversary.  

Welcome to the family
Alicia Sheppard
Arielle Fayad
Carter Wilson
Celeste Tran
Devon Wolfe
Elliot Coralluzzo
Jacqui Stewart
Jorden Taylor
Julio Chisolm
Lilah Beard
Lillie Shaw
Megan Bush-Weiss
Mikey Karol
Molly Knapper
Natalie Manalansan
Viki Keefer
Yamileth Chinea

Classics Colorguard is an Independent color guard
in Allentown, PA. performing in surrounding area 
We are members of T.I.A.- CH2, M.A.I.N. & W.G.I.
2020 WGI-SOBRO Ind-A finalist
2019 WGI PHL Regional A Champion
2019 TIA Ch2 IND INT A Gold Medal
2019 TIA ACC IND INT A Bronze Medal
2019 MAIN IND Regional A Gold Medal
Staff & Design Team
Marlo Ecke Spritzer, Director  
Deanna Garber, Sara Schnabel 
Amanda Martin, Steve Vincent 
Design Consultant: Jay McCarroll
Drill: Michael Lombo
Uniforms by: Beck Fabric & Design
Mike Kempf, (Audio/quartermaster)